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What are the internal connections and differences between building information and digitalization?

  • 2021-07-02 15:26:28

Building Information

Information refers to building management and control through software and hardware equipment for a certain business or behavior. It focuses more on the collection, processing and transmission of information, initially focusing on fragments of human behavior rather than on the whole. It is precisely because information is aimed at a certain behavior segment, so it forms the biggest sequelae of traditional buildings-information chimney.

Take the traditional building access control system as an example. Initially, it only replaced manual identification and mechanical locks, and used electronic identity certificates (cards, QR codes, faces, etc.) to enter and exit the building.

At that time, the labor cost of the property was indeed reduced, and the safety hazards caused by manual omission were avoided. However, access control, as one of the entire links, does not consider the linkage and integration with the parking lot, monitoring, elevator, OA and other systems. In other words, the systems exist independently, and there is no interaction with each other.

Building Digitization

Digitization puts more emphasis on integrity, focusing on the entire business system, form, and even the entire building management and operation, and "putting it into" the computer world to build an interactive bridge between the virtual end and the real end. It can be seen that digitization is not aimed at a single business or business segment.

If information is to reduce the efficiency of manual input and management and control, then the purpose of digitization is to release the potential of individuals to a greater extent, and to offset the restrictions on people from the real environment, especially the spatial and temporal factors, to a greater extent. In addition, a lot of building management relies on systems that can interact and coordinate with people.

Take the digital traffic system as an example, pay more attention to all the behaviors and processes of people entering and leaving the building, and on the basis of meeting point requirements, connect all related systems on the link, share their resources, unify platform management, and give the building a higher level Service and operation management capabilities.

The connections between digitization and information

To put it simply, the information stage pays more attention to the "realization" point of demand, while the digital stage should pay more attention to the "realistic" overall needs. Digitization is the continuation of information, it is based on the further deepening of the results of information, and more emphasis is on virtualization.

In the process of building digital upgrade, it is the simulation of building operation behavior through digital technology, and the virtual terminal is used to control the real terminal, so as to manage the building more conveniently and efficiently. Like LEELEN products: Mechanical Pushbutton Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 10 and Picture Storage Four Wire System Villa Indoor Station V34M.

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