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Three Advantages Help Accelerate the Development of Building Intercom

  • 2021-07-16 09:36:39

Nowadays, whether it is a family or a community, the intelligent building intercom system plays an important role. It is one of the main industries in the construction of security, and it is also a standard piece of equipment for new and old buildings. With the upgrading of new technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, building intercom is no longer a single product, but a complete system that links video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, and smart parking to achieve interconnection.

As a security device that penetrates into the family and the community, the building intercom plays a connecting role in the aspects of information and intelligence, improving the quality of living, and strengthening communication services. In a sense, building intercom was born based on market demand, constantly extending and exploring around the product line required by market changes.

Judging from the current market performance, compared with the traditional building intercoms that only had simple functions such as call and unlocking, the all-digital intercom product technology is more mature, not only does not limit the transmission distance and geographical restrictions, but the cost is not high in the short construction period. The installation and adjustment can be realized under the following conditions. Nowadays, building intercom integrates traditional functions, as well as smart home system functions, integrating lighting control, door and window control, HVAC control, home appliance control, audio-visual control, smart door locks, smart security (elevator control system, intercom system, Access control system, home control, etc.), smart health and many other smart home functions. In addition, the empowered development of mobile internet, the expansion of building intercom from the traditional local area network communication range to the wide area network, and the upgrade to the cloud, greatly improve the application range and value-added space of the building intercom system, and it is more suitable for new buildings and old community reconstruction. Like LEELEN’s products: Video Door Phone Kit for Villa 305N and Mechanical Pushbutton Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 10.

At present, it is an important stage for the application of artificial intelligence technology to the security industry. Many domestic intercom manufacturers apply artificial intelligence to the intercom system, adding new biometric technology applications such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and voice recognition to the original functional integration. It greatly improves the user's body feeling of the product, and is more convenient, comfortable and safe in practical applications. In particular, the outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the development of shuffle in this field.

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