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Smart Security Construction Has Achieved Results

  • 2021-09-03 14:58:58

As an important part of the construction of smart policing, the process of building smart security communities has attracted much attention. In recent years, with the vigorous advancement of policies, the construction of smart security communities has accelerated, the public security order in the communities has improved significantly, the incidence of criminal cases has dropped sharply, the happiness and security of the residents in the community have been greatly improved, and the construction effect has gradually been highlighted.

For community management, in addition to convenience, safety is more important. Compared with traditional communities, smart security communities can not only provide residents with more convenient life services, but also effectively control the entry and exit of personnel and create a safer living environment.

1. Full coverage of monitoring and intelligent management

The monitoring achieves full coverage, and each subsystem accesses the community supervision platform through the Internet to dynamically manage the community. Each camera distributed in the smart security community can not only see but also count, and can intelligently identify situations and suspicious behaviors such as high-altitude throwing objects, fires, illegal parking, littering, etc.

2. Intelligent induction early warning to ensure emergency work

The smart security community also installs smart manhole cover sensing devices and smart fire hydrant sensing devices. Once the fire hydrant or manhole cover is abnormal without the authorization of the property staff, the property will be automatically notified, and the 5G smart ball will lock the abnormal facilities, high-speed and efficient protection of community emergency work.

3. Popularize smart devices and improve safety index

The widespread use of smart devices has brought more security and convenience services to residents in the community. In addition to smart monitoring, face recognition access control, etc., smart audio equipment can also be added to important entrances and exits to promote the knowledge of preventing telecommunications network fraud to residents, and further improve the safety index of residents' lives. Like LEELEN product’s: Touch Button Black+Sliver Villa Indoor Station V31 and Ultra-Thin Indoor Intercom Station V31S.

4. The big health system brings smart services

Through the introduction of the Big Health Internet of Things system, it has realized all-weather health management and precise services for the elderly, the disabled, children and other people, and brought a safer, more comfortable and convenient intelligent life experience to the residents of the community.

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