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LEELEN Reappears Hard-core Power at Jinan Hundred City Meeting

  • 2021-08-13 15:17:15

On July 27, the 10th Smart Security Technology Exchange and Training Conference hosted by Shenzhen Security Industry Association, CPSE Security Expo and CPS was successfully held in Jinan.

As a leading company in the security industry, LEELEN was invited to participate the most advanced intelligent security products, technologies and solutions. On-site face-to-face communication and vivid presentations have won unanimous praise from the majority of security professionals.

LEELEN is a leading company in the industry. It has been deeply involved in security for nearly 30 years. With the changes in market demand and the support of the new generation of technology, LEELEN has successfully transformed and become a professional smart home and smart community overall solution equipment and service provider . At the site of the Hundred City Meeting Jinan Station, the high-quality products and solutions exhibited by LEELEN have won unanimous praise from the audience and professionals.

At the meeting, Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, analyzed the difficulties and pain points of the current development of the security industry in the keynote speech, and focused on sharing the whole scene of integrated community and home furnishings launched by LEELEN. The service solution attracted the attention of the participants.

The overall solution of LEELEN Smart Home covers 10 smart systems, N smart scenarios, 5 smart living spaces, and N personalized needs customization, with high compatibility, strong expandability, and good stability. It has been successfully applied all over the country.

At the scene, there are also powerful products in the LEELEN exhibition, including: Analog Villa Intercom System Kit 305M, Picture Storage Four Wire System Villa Indoor Station V34M and Best Home Video Door Phone Model 16N, which has attracted a lot of professionals to experience and watch, making the LEELEN exhibition a well popular area on the spot.

At the scene, the staff of LEELEN welcomed the visiting customers from all directions with high attitude and full enthusiasm. With rich experience, professional explanation, and meticulous attitude, they won praises from consulting customers and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

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