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Youcai Business School Starts Classes in Changsha

  • August 17, 2021

Youcai Business School Changsha Station started classes. As a representative of the lecturer, LEELEN was invited to attend again, and gathered together with representatives from the real estate recruitment cost elites and suppliers dedicated to smart manufacturing from the Central China region to discuss the new trends and new ideas of the real estate industry in the new era.

With the continuous tightening of various real estate control policies, higher and higher land acquisition costs and lower and lower profit margins, real estate development companies have refocused their attention on products. Under the large demand for consumption upgrade and quality improvement, smart technology for hardcover houses is the only magic weapon for real estate developers to create high-end communities, and it is also an effective way to enhance the added value of real estate and empower the digital transformation of real estate. As an industry representative, Zhong Shi, deputy dean of the LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, directly addressed the pain points and analyzed the actual value of building a smart community, which allowed the elite representatives present to have a deeper understanding of the smart community.

The service-oriented smart community of LEELEN is based on big data and AI capabilities, with services as the starting point, builds an IoT infrastructure with various AIOT intelligent perception hardware, and provides multi-terminal interaction methods through intelligent mining and analysis of big data. At the same time, the community basic data aggregation platform can realize: provide data support for government work and improve the comprehensive governance capacity of the community; empower real estate and increase the value of real estate; improve the management service level for the property; build a safe and comfortable life scene for the owners.

The operation of the smart community is inseparable from good post-maintenance. The service-oriented smart community of LEELEN supports intelligent construction operation and maintenance, mobile office of property management personnel, and full life cycle management of equipment, effectively reducing operating costs and improving service satisfaction; multi-terminal advertising, personalized community services, etc., will also innovate marketing Mode to realize value-added income generation.

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